God (YHWH Yehovah/Allaha) is One, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit are components within Him. Jesus Christ is Alpha and Omega, Bible begins with Beth and end with Nun (good English Bibles are KJV and ESV). Get nearer to God by memorizing the entire Bible in your language, starting with new testament, and pray everyday. Read the works of Luther, Augustine, Manton

信仰耶稣,(勤劳的)记忆圣经(先记新约),思想不停的想圣经,洁手纯心,博爱,怜悯,正直,自卑,(时常)祷告,宣告圣经,教人遵行, 对于听的进的人:教导培养和改造基督徒:模仿,接近,一直达到成为跟耶稣和圣灵一样(一样的心,一样的思想,一样的灵魂)。Pray daily that God crucifies your flesh and makes the Holy Spirit stronger than your flesh. And with memorizing the Bible, and prayer, become more and more like Christ in your inner person.

What are our duties to God

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We have these duties to God:

  • To remember the Word of God
  • To add holiness unto ourselves
    • make our heart and mind unto a clean heart and the mind of Christ (resulting in actions that are pleasant to God)
    • to instruct others into a similar heart and mind
  • To discern and rebuke what is evil, in ourselves and in other people

It has been a practice of slave traffickers to bind the heart and mind of slaves into a wrong idea of debt.   The slaves are pressured into believing that they owe a debt to the criminals enslaving them, and that slavery (or submitting to the wishes of the enslavers) is the method of paying this debt.

For example, women from Nigerian villages are enslaved by shamans, who uses witchcraft upon the heart and minds of the women to bind them into a “debt” (which is really nothing, except if the victims allow themselves to believe that they are bound).   The women are then trafficked from Nigeria into slavery in Europe, where they are placed in Nigerian communities of people who approve of the slavery, and the women are pressured to sell their bodies, sometimes 20 to 30 times a day, and this would happen for several years, until the “debt” is “paid” to the enslaver.

A similar evil in Europe, where female from Eastern Europe are recruited by false job advertising (such as seeking restaurant workers) from far away countries, when they arrive in such countries, criminals (who posted the job recruiting) would first pose as very nice people, then ask for the females’ passport or visas, and then take these documents away.   The females would get trapped in a country where they do not speak the language at all, and thus cannot escape.   Then they are locked in apartments and other places, where they are forced to have “clients”, from 20 to 30 times a day, every day.   They would be brainwashed by the enslavers into thinking that they owe a “debt” to the very criminals who oppress them (supposedly, because luring them from one country to another, requires some costs of transport).   If the slaves try to escape, or if they are displeasing to the enslavers (or to a “client”), then the enslavers would increase the “debt”.   Usually, the “debt” is set at many months or several years of putting the females into “sales”.    Sometimes, the criminals would transfer their slaves unto other criminals, who then would restart the “debt”, adding even more misery.   In those countries, the police often cooperate with the enslavers.

For example, Italy is an in-between transport point of slaves between Eastern Europe (Croatia and the Balkans are just across the Adriatic Sea) and Western Europe (there are perverse people in Germany, France, Belgium and Netherlands).   There is such a tremendous problem of slave-trafficking in Italy, that the police know about it, and rarely do anything to stop it.  Worse, in Italy, children as young as 14 are trafficked for the purpose of their organs.  These are kids of Roma ethnicity, whose birth are not registered with the Italian government, because they are gypsies.   Also, due to racism in Italian society (the Roma are darker in skin), the Italians despise the Roma, thus elderly Italians traffick Roma kids for the purpose of cutting up their bodies, stealing the organs (like poaching a fish), and then their bodies are dumped into the rivers in Italy.    The organs (lungs, stomach, etc) of these young people are then transplanted into the geriatric bodies of rich elderly Italians, who would waste the lives of younger people, so as to gain a few years of earthly life, for an illusion of immortality.

There is also a problem of rich elderly people (of all nationalities) who approve or eagerly participate in enslaving young people into prostitution, because they want to gain an illusion of immortality by putting their elderly bodies (or their eyes) into female younger bodies.

Such people incur extra wrath from God, and, unrepented, will utterly perish in their corruption.

This crime is also done in the United States, where Mexican females are trafficked from Mexico into America.
There are also Europeans trafficked from Europe into American cities, for the same purpose, with the same “debt” brainwashed upon their minds.
Foreigners enslaved in a foreign country are rarely able to escape, because they don’t speak the languages of the places where they are.

(information from “Sex Trafficking”, by Siddarth Kara.
An excellent book that every person should read, to know that such evils are done in the world.
And all should work to prevent such evils from happening to people)

However, my main topic is to correct this false idea of “debt”.
I am familiar with this type of brainwashing, because one of my parents is of extremely wicked heart and mind, and tried very hard to brainwash into me the idea of “owing” her money merely for raising me (yeah, and tried to instill into me the demonic idea that because I was raised by her, then for the rest of my life, any income earned by me would belong to her.)
Of course, I did not yield to such a demonic spirit.

My message to those of you who have had the experience of wicked people trying to brainwash you into “owing” them:

You don’t owe people anything, except the distribution of Gospel (but even that, is because you have duties to God).

You have duties unto God, according to the Spirit of holiness in the Word of God, and according to the truth (the correct meanings) in the Word of God.
Spirit and truth.
If you only have the true statements (like, “Christians had all things in common and distributed to each man according to their need”), but you don’t have the Spirit of holiness  (that is, being mindful that all must have the objective of teaching people to live holy and saint),  then even true statements can be misused.
For instance, some wicked people could trick you into thinking that Christians should put their bodies to common use, and distribute their bodies to molesters, if molesters think they have a “need” of lusting.
But that is against holiness.   Also, a person is not a thing.   Also, God commands us to put to death the needs of the flesh, and tend to the needs of the Spirit (love towards God, love of truth, virtues, godliness).

(I add a message unto Rebecca:
whoever denounces the spies,  — and that requires denouncing it unto me, in order to remove the spy-problem from the root, otherwise, it’s nothing but a pretense — take such a person as your pastor, because whoever denounces the spies truly cares about saving souls.
As long as that hasn’t happened, remain at home memorizing the Bible.   You need strengthening in the Spirit, because many people wishes to brainwash you and enslave you.   Don’t entertain yourself, don’t seek comfort in this world (eating, drinking, entertainments, etc.).  Don’t go back to the previous employment.  For the moment, don’t work at all except at memorizing the Bible.)


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