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信仰耶稣,(勤劳的)记忆圣经(先记新约),思想不停的想圣经,洁手纯心,博爱,怜悯,正直,自卑,(时常)祷告,宣告圣经,教人遵行, 对于听的进的人:教导培养和改造基督徒:模仿,接近,一直达到成为跟耶稣和圣灵一样(一样的心,一样的思想,一样的灵魂)。Pray daily that God crucifies your flesh and makes the Holy Spirit stronger than your flesh. And with memorizing the Bible, and prayer, become more and more like Christ in your inner person.

Proverbs 14:21, a major sin among unbelievers and among Christians

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He that despises his neighbour, sins; but he that has mercy on the poor, happy is he.
Proverbs 14:21

(and, God/Christ is also our neighbour, actually, the first and foremost.   So:
He that walks in his uprightness fears the LORD: but he that is perverse in his ways despises [the LORD].
Proverbs 14:2
Whoso despises the [Word of God] shall be destroyed: but he that fears the commandment shall be rewarded.
Proverbs 13:13
He that keepeth the commandment keepeth his own soul; but he that despises [God/Christ’s] ways shall die.
Proverbs 19:16

In other words, despising God is also a sin, same with despising the instructions in the Bible (which are the substance of God,  a part of the Bible – not the outward word-spelling and letter-shapes, which is different depending on which language the Bible is printed in, but rather the meanings, the ideas, which are the same in every language, that is the Word of God – a part of the Bible to God is like a part of our body to us).

And that was merely to announce the concept that “neighbor” also includes God.   This would help the spiritual lives of many, since many people know how to live in kindness with other people, but don’t apply the same thoughtfulness to God.   I was one of them.

God loves holiness, purity of heart, at all times.
People, they aren’t always like that.   Some people, living in the flesh (or, at enmity with God) would be pleased if other people would be impure and unholy, like how some guys think of girls, for instance.

Kindness must always be evaluated with righteousness, otherwise it is no longer kindness but harm.
Certain people in a mistaken sense of kindness would bow down and conform to their neighbors’ impure and unholy wishes.   In other words, they are eager to live in a mistaken sense of kindness (which they confuse with “never opposing nor rebuking someone else”) yet don’t apply the same thoughtfulness to God.

This is easily mended when God is taken as the first and foremost neighbor.  This is easy for Christians, because Christ dwells in us, so surely Christ is the first and foremost neighbor.   Even for those who haven’t become Christians yet, it is an easy concept that God/YeHoWaH is present everywhere and his power upholds everything.  Therefore, God is the first and foremost neighbor.

Then, people ought always to live in kindness with God (something that I often forget, because occasional reminders of duty is something very different from constant thoughtfulness about being kind).
How to live in kindness with God?   It’s same as living in kindness with a person.   Know the person, know what is beneficial and what is not, for the person’s character.  (People’s idea of “beneficial” may be correct or incorrect, but God always knows what is good, both for God Himself and for every person).

Thus, God loves holiness and purity of heart at all times, in Himself, as well as in every person.
It is not loving God as a neighbor (and God is the first and foremost neighbor, overriding everyone else.  After that, all humans are equal), if a person decides to forsake holiness and purity of heart, to please (or not offend) some other person.
It is also not loving the other person as a neighbor, since encouraging people to live in the flesh results in people more persistent in living in the flesh.
Living in the flesh = dead to the things of God.
Living in the flesh = natural, not spiritual.

The natural/fleshly man does not receive the spiritual [knowledge] from the Spirit of God, because they are foolishness to him, neither can he understand them, because they are spiritually discerned. I Corinthians 2:14

So there is a false teaching taught unto males as well as unto females (but particularly unto the females), that if they provide their body to other people’s lust (physically or visually), then (so says the demonic teaching) it’s something virtuous and charitable, similar to distributing food to refugees.

I am sorry that I have to quote evil teachings, but sometimes (rarely) it facilitates the presentation of good teachings.

There is also another false teaching taught unto males as well as unto females (but particularly unto the females), that the readiness or seeming possibility of making their body accessible for other people’s lust, is some type of social status or prestige.
And (so says the demonic teaching) granting, or seemingly but not de-facto granting, access to the person’s body or even granting access to some exchange of words and hints related to lust,    is something virtuous and charitable, due to some feel-good gained by the other person from self-exaltation (fleshly vanity).

These false and demonic teachings are very present in image entertainment (TV, movies).
These false and demonic teachings are in concentrated dose in pornography.

Aside from actually doing harm to the people-who-lust (because encouraging their lust is to keep them in spiritual death), such demonic teachings from entertainment-images can get easily refuted with this:

It’s not loving your neighbor as yourself, because God is the first and foremost neighbor, and God wants holiness and a pure heart in every person.    (and with anything related to lust, it’s only possible to have a pure heart if people are married, with their own husband or their own wife)

For this reason, married couples should not speak of such things with other married couples, or with unmarried people.

So that was about remembering God/Christ as a neighbor, and how beneficial that is.

Now, for people as neighbors:
There is a common sin among people, to despise other people (“neighbor” means any person).   This pattern of the flesh is encouraged by all types of entertainment and human traditions (worldliness).   In fact, I didn’t even know it was a sin, until I read it in the Bible a few months ago.

  • In nationalism:
    Nationalists encourage people to venerate their earthly nation above the other earthly nations, and to have pride in their earthly nation (which necessarily involves despising other people).   “Proud to be an American”, for instance, necessarily involves despising Mexicans.   And even regional nationalism (like different tribes of Arabs) involves despising people from other places.Why despise people merely because they are from another region on the earth?   This is man-made tradition, and it is sin.
  • In commercial sports (or, commercialized nationalism):
    Same as nationalism, except the pride and despising is channeled into a sports team with an image (that is extolled very much to the status of a god, among the passionate).   So at a commercial sports event, people of one faction despise those from another faction (varies according to sports, according to crowds, but that’s the overall idea, and joy is taken when one faction “crowns” their despising efforts by obtaining a higher score).
  • In outward appearance:
    This is very encouraged by the frequent display of images.  The “image-population” of those images consist of a very narrow selection of people, mostly attractive females from age of 18 to 25.   Same for males.   There are few people of other ages and few plain people.  The female-images are also among the 5% thinnest of the population (skinnier than 95% of females on the planet), and by now, nearly all the images are computer-modified.Due to the frequent viewing of such illusion-image worlds (TV, movies, advertising images, magazine pages), people living in industrialized “modernized” countries (first urban people, then rural people) have been brainwashed with such image-world, which they take for reality, including ridiculous expectations that half the world population should consist of attractive females between the age of 18 and 25.

    Such illusion-image worlds also encourage a pride of life, where people of a certain physical appearance (plus clothing appearance) despise people who do not have such appearance, or such clothing/apparels (which has been expanded to include cars).

    Such despising is sin, yet it is fleshly “common sense” for many people who imitate the screen-world.

    This is a spiritual danger for girls, who may despise within their hearts other girls who don’t have a certain physical appearance, and thus gain some fleshly feel-good in self-exaltation.
    Such despising is actually very encouraged by entertainment industry, who churn out torrents of books, movies, advertisings and TV examples, impressing upon girls that the purpose (and safety) of life is in social status/prestige, which is supposedly maintained/gained by decorating the body, and despising other people.
    Any celebrity gossip show or magazine is the template/demonstration of such despising, where people are essentially spat on with words, in order to find some sadism of self-exaltation upon every person.
    This evil spirit of finding self-exaltation by despising other people is speedily picked up by adolescent minors (adolescents are also called “teens”, but I think that is a commercial word invented by merchants).   It is an impatient and ever-complaining spirit, taking pleasure in lashing out at other people, their fleshly minds ever sniffing the air of fleshly trends, eager to get the latest definition of “in trend”.

    Such “trend” (“hot”/”new” etc.) is actually arbitrarily created/designed by some merchants, who then put such trends in the screen-worlds and image-worlds, and the “in trend” standards are deliberately changed once every few months, merely so that people would purchase a new series of merchandise to replace the their previous items, even though those previous items are no where near worn-out, and the new items only have minimal difference in appearance (for example, jeans).   This is a commercial scheme in getting people to keep spending money, the people who are brainwashed to imitate the “in trend” standards in the image-worlds, so that the merchants obtain more money from the people,  who otherwise would wait until their items are worn out, to purchase new ones, and thus spend money less frequently.
    Such wasteful spending of money is spurred on by a man-made teaching of despising people who haven’t yet purchased the “in trend” items, whenever the merchants change the trends every few months (from the screen-worlds and advertising-images).    Such despising is visually demonstrated with examples, in carefully planned psychological-warfare propaganda called “teen movies”, where all the characters follow a master over their lives, which is the ownership of “in trend” merchandise, defined by the screen-world merchants.   Despising (even hatred) is demonstrated as the correct behavior towards those who don’t follow such a master.  Safety in crowd-approval/admiration and self-exalted feel-good (within those propaganda movies) is demonstrated as the result of following such a master.   This is a man-made attempt at instilling fear through propaganda.

    Of course, in real life, people who follow such a fickle master are anything but safe.   All those who subject themselves to conforming to the “trend” live constantly in fear of getting into the “despised” category rather than “approved” category.   The self-exalted feel-good is gained by despising others, and thus, the more self-exalted, the more fear of being despised by others.

    Thus, the merchants have been using screen-propaganda to demonstrate a lifestyle (“lived” by in-screen characters) of constant purchasing of merchandises, maintained by fear-and-despising.    These in-screen examples (which are not real people, but acted-out psychological warfare messages) are put on screen, and through 24/7 display of such worldviews and such advertisings,  some people who watch the screens much, would imitate the in-screen examples, thinking that they are real people just like the screen-viewer(because the camera replicates an image that very much resembles the real people), without realizing that those images were created with the constraints of the camera, to serve a specific psychological-warfare purpose.

    The purpose is planned by the merchants displaying such images, to create fear among the population, but also covetousness, to incite them to spend more money, making rich the propaganda-designers.

    In the United States, young people are brainwashed (both by in-screen examples, and also by the imitation of that spirit among people of the same age) with this fear-and-despising lifestyle, starting in high school.   It slackens somewhat in college, because it is more difficult to get a larger group of people to conform to the same spirit and same (perverted) way of thinking.
    However, such propaganda-teaching of fear still has an effect upon people, even after high school: many people still retain an expectation that “true teachings” comes from the screen-world, and that the correct way to live is demonstrated by image-demonstrations from the screen-world.

    The correct way to live is demonstrated by imageless idea-demonstrations from the Bible.

    (note: from here-on, screen-world is defined as:
     all the TV, movies, image-entertainments on the internet, advertising images)

    But even to this hour, people are fascinated with having the screen-world as their master.
    They are fearful and hesitant to contradict the screen-world, as if the displaying of images were some magical action that must not be interrupted, or criticized.

    Even though I teach and preach the Word of God (the Bible), people are not arriving at the conclusion that the Word of God is higher than the screen-world.   People are not arriving at the conclusion that the Word of God should be their master.

    Instead, people are taking images of me (which are NOT authorized/permitted by me), and anything I do or say, they take it from images of me, which they consider as part of the screen-world.
    If I am ever correct or authoritative about something, few people would conclude that they should forsake the screen-world and go to the Word of God as master and spend-most-time-reading-and-thinking-about-the-Bible.   Instead, most people consider anything good that I do, as evidence that the screenworld can be correct or authoritative (and probably, most people reinforce their notion that the screenworld should be their master).

    And since most people are still taking the screen-world as their master, before they make decisions in life, they try to get instructions, hints, or inspirations from the screen-world, ever enslaved to it by the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, and pride of life (with fear of being despised similar to some in-screen image-demonstrations, which is the screen-world, using its own in-screen propaganda-movies, trying to instill fear in people so that their main source of instructions and moral values should come from the screen).

    The screen-world is owned by far less than 1% of the world population, and is dominated by their values and worldviews.    Their values and worldviews,  is the flesh, which is spiritual death.  The flesh, it’s self-exaltation, covetousness,  lust, and much fleshly fear (with self-exaltation comes fearing-and-despising).    They seek to gain as much money as possible from most of the population, without letting them gain money.
    The screen-world is not a mirror on real life, as some people suppose.    Nearly all of it is planned-and-designed psychological-warfare propaganda, in order to demonstrate (and through 24/7 visual display, get people to learn through imitation)  thought-habits, behavior and values  that would instill fear-and-respect of their decadent rich and their lifestyles, plus a despising (even hatred) of the non-rich, and people who don’t conform to the worldview of the screen-world.

    The worldview of the screen-world, it’s the worldview(s) of the most fleshly and the most covetous 1% of the world population.  When not despising the non-rich, these “privileged” people turn against themselves, coveting among themselves with most vicious envying/jealousy and strife.
    The celebrity gossip practice of constantly spitting on people with words, constantly jealousy and strife, is a pattern that is repeated in commerce – the competing Corporations -, in national politics, in every place where status/prestige-in-front-of-crowds is coveted by people.   Among leaders of nations, what is called “international diplomacy” is really a grander version of the same jealousy/strife and self-exaltation that are practiced among fleshly individuals.
    And such jealousy/strife and self-exaltation is the summary of world history, all “national heroes” are really slaves to the flesh, who served the flesh.   This is also the reason Christians should not try to establish a country or a kingdom in this world, because “international diplomacy” is merely the practice of the flesh, and so is most of the politics within a country).

  • In careers
    As previously written, despising (plus associated fear) happens in every place where status/prestige-in-front-of-crowds is coveted by people.  This very much includes promotion in careers, because even without a crowd, some people like the self-exaltation of presenting their title in front of individuals, and also the self-exaltation of presenting themselves in front of people “lesser than they” at workplace.
  • In criticizing other people’s faults:
    This is one of the greatest snare for Christians.
    Since the purpose of Christianity is to live in godliness, God has also commanded us to denounce ungodliness (Ephesians 5:5).

    Satan is clever.   Usually, people know that Satan is tempting people when people are doing something evil.   But few people know that Satan is also ever-ready to tempt people when people are doing something good.   In fact, one of the wicked arts of Satan is to tempt people to sin, while they are doing something good (through self-exaltation or desire to show-off).

    In criticizing other people’s faults, if a Christian despises the person, while criticizing the fault, then even the criticizer is sinning.
    Among immature Christians, or those who haven’t asked God to crucify their flesh everyday, there are examples of people who criticize others, in order to despise them.   Thus, they regress in their spiritual approaching to God, even by doing what they think is good.   I have read that in some part of the world (though I don’t think it’s limited to that part), there is rarely something loving that is exchanged among Christians, but most of the exchanges are about finding ways to despise others, perhaps from fleshly traditions of political strife.  Such people need to daily ask God to crucify their flesh, making the Holy Spirit stronger than their flesh, so that they lose the trait of jealousy/envy, which makes people go to hell.


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