God (YHWH Yehovah/Allaha) is One, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit are components within Him. Jesus Christ is Alpha and Omega, Bible begins with Beth and end with Nun (good English Bibles are KJV and ESV). Get nearer to God by memorizing the entire Bible in your language, starting with new testament, and pray everyday. Read the works of Luther, Augustine, Manton

信仰耶稣,(勤劳的)记忆圣经(先记新约),思想不停的想圣经,洁手纯心,博爱,怜悯,正直,自卑,(时常)祷告,宣告圣经,教人遵行, 对于听的进的人:教导培养和改造基督徒:模仿,接近,一直达到成为跟耶稣和圣灵一样(一样的心,一样的思想,一样的灵魂)。Pray daily that God crucifies your flesh and makes the Holy Spirit stronger than your flesh. And with memorizing the Bible, and prayer, become more and more like Christ in your inner person.

Matthew 11:12 and Luke 16:16

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This is one of the most misused Bible verses by some Evangelicals:

And from the days of Yohanan the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent takes it by force.
For all the prophets and the law prophesied until Yohanan.
Matthew 11:12

And some now-Americans take the word “suffer” to have the now-meaning of “experiencing pain”.   Thus they conclude that the kingdom of heaven is associated with violence.

But the king james English is slightly different, with a few words different.
(for instance,  conversation  now means “make known some spoken words to another person”,  but a few hundred years ago, with true English,  conversation means  “The action of living or having one’s being in a place or among persons”,  or  “make known the inner qualities to another person, not merely words”.

So Darwinism is wrong.   And the Bible is correct.   There has been a degrading of the human race and human abilities, as described in Genesis.     Even in English language,  there has been a degrading of thinking-ability  among what is considered “average” thinking.
This can be seen in our idea of the words
–  conversation  (to make known and express the inner qualities/characters by sincere living,  not merely pronouncing words)
–  communication (communion,  to share in common)
–  fruits (results of an action or a lifestyle, or observable result of inner qualities)
–  refresh (to revive … almost like “resurrect”)
–  bowels (the interior soul of a person)
–  suffer (to receive an action from, to allow.   So in the kjv bible when someone “suffer” someone else,  it’s to allow a request from that person.  It could involve anything.  But now it’s only used to refer to very bad things.)
–  dispensation (a regular everyday word in 1600s, it merely means “distribution” or “a share of”.   It probably refers to how the bread from Christ’s hand was shared in 12 or 13 pieces at the table.
Later, when the word became unfamiliar and seemed complex   – because people’s minds degenerated while the kjv bible remained the same –   some “theological” person probably invented some unfamiliar and complex definition.)

So, Matthew 11:12 is correctly written in kjv Bible.
The problem is with the English-speakers’  minds,  they have degenerated over the centuries, they have become more base, more restricted to simple ideas, with less affinity for higher spiritual thoughts  (direct consequences from looking at images, and video-images,  and direct consequence from the idea that life should be oriented around “fun”, rather than godliness.   This idea was probably invented after 1900, after images were popularized, and merchants wanted to invent a philosophy that would incite people to continually covet merchandises).

So Matthew 11:12, another writing of it would be:

And from the days of Yohanan the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven allows violence, and the violent takes it by force.
For all the prophets and the law prophesied until Yohanan.
Matthew 11:12

And to fully understand, add in Luke 16:16

And from the days of Yohanan the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven (used to) allow violence, and the violent takes it by force.
For all the prophets and the law prophesied until Yohanan. (Matthew 11:12)

The laws and the prophets were until Yohanan.
Since that time, the kingdom of God is preached, and every one presses into it.  (Luke 16:16)

It is clear that the kingdom of heaven used to allow violence,  until Yohanan the Baptist.    That’s the previous version of what God allowed,  that’s why the Israelite were allowed by God to fight physical battles.

But, when Yeshua (Jesus) the Christ  superseded Yohanan, then God changed what He allows,  and there is no more physical violence allowed,  only the preaching/speaking  of the truth.

And that is the kingdom of heaven.

The Catholics greatly erred, when they did “crusades”, and erred in thinking that it was acceptable in front of God.    All of them counted as murderers.   And since it doesn’t seem that people changed their attitude about the crusades in the times of the crusades (or much afterwards),  they all went to hell.
So did all the Spaniards who fought the physical wars in the Reconquista.
So did all the Spaniards and Portuguese who fought physical wars in what they called the “New World”, or Latin America, they mistreated and slaughtered millions of Native Americans.
So did all the Russians who fought against Siberian and Central Asian tribes from 1700s until 1800s.
So did all the Americans who fought against the Native American tribes from 1700s until 1900, wiping out tens of millions of them.
So do the Americans who fought wars against Germans, and then communists or “communists” who actually are brown skinned people that Americans wanted to plunder.
So do the Americans who now fight wars against Muslims.

All of them go to hell.
Whoever did not recognize that they were murderers, they all went to hell.

It seems that the American soldiers seem to think that killing Muslims is justified in front of God, because the Muslims have another religion.
Yeah, the “chaplains” in the military brainwash them with another gospel.   They tell them that to go kill Muslims is the same thing as defeating Satan.
The chaplains, the soldiers, they all go to hell.

It is not possible to be a chaplain in the military, and be a Christian,  because,  the chaplains they endorse warfare of flesh-and-blood.

Yet the Word of God says:

… no murderer has eternal life in him.
1 John 3:15

Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are:  adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such things,  of those I told you before, and I have also told you in the past, that they who do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.
Galatians 5:19-21

It is obvious that wars on earth always involve hatred and wrath, and murder and competition-strife, and often drunkenness and fornication and adultery.

It is not possible to be a soldier of this world, and go to heaven.
So, I heard that some pastor preached while wearing military fatigues (camouflage-uniform).   You better stay away from all that, and teaches all Christians to do the same.   For military uniforms are all for the warfare of this world, and those people have no share in the Kingdom of Christ.

So, Christians must stay away from videogames, because portrayals of physical violence  are the main staple of videogames.

All the more, Christians must stay away from any military of this world, or any career involving warfare on behalf of the governments of this world  (soldiers, warfare by violence,   spies, warfare by deception, which is spiritual violence).

All militaries of this world will try to invent songs and music and slogans to portray themselves as honorable and even servants of God.

They are not.

Yeshua says plainly that Yohanan the Baptist is a greater and a better man than ALL previous humans mentioned in the Bible.

Thus, Yohanan the Baptist is a better person than Mariam the mother of Yeshua  (yeah, the one who is deified by Catholics, who are obviously wrong in that)
Thus, Yohanan the Baptist is a better person than Abraham, Isaac, Yacob, Yoshua ben Nun, Samuel, David, Solomon (while he yet remained godly), Isaiah, Yeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Zechariah …

Yohanan the Baptist is then better than all the prophets from Isaiah till Malachi.
(I do think these are what’s meant by “the prophets”, whenever the Bible mentions “the prophets”.    That’s how Yeshua/Jesus says it,  and Yeshua/Jesus did all his Old Testament learning in Judaism environment and spoke in that vocabulary.    Judaism puts Isaiah till Malachi in a section called  Nev’im, or the Prophets)

Verily [Yeshua] say unto you, among those born of women (rather than, born of Christ-baptism) there has not risen a greater than Yohanan the Baptist …
Matthew 11:11
(the LORD does say that Yohanan the Baptist is a better person than all previous humans mentioned in the Bible, other than those  -like the 12 Apostles-  who later get reborn in the Spirit and get baptized as Christians)

Since Yohanan the Baptist is so much the better, then all the  more his words are more important:

And the people asked [Yohanan the Baptist], saying, “What shall we do then?”
…  and soldiers likewise demanded of him: “And what shall we do?”
And he said unto [soldiers]: “Do violence to no man, neither false-accuse any, and be content with your wages [do not plunder/extort]”
Luke 3:10, 3:14

So he didn’t tell them to quit the Roman army, but he told them that in order to get into heaven,  they had to do violence to no man.
That’s rather difficult, if someone remains a soldier.

And later, the Holy Spirit gets even more specific, there must not be competition-strife in the heart, nor hatred, nor wrath,  as mentioned earlier in Galatians

Thus, it is not possible to be a soldier in an army of this world,  and go to heaven,  for the very training is to make the soldiers have hatred and wrath, and often think of competition-strife.

Isn’t warfare itself a competition-strife among opponents?   And because of that, even within the militaries, people probably constantly think about how to gain prestige  and  show-off that they are better than others.    That’s the purpose of all the military ranks, the ability to order other people around, the very ability to dominate people is to show-off oneself as more prestigious over them.   And also, that’s the purpose of military medals and ribbons,  it’s to show-off  that  some person has more ribbons than others.

Yeah, and this same defiling happens in other ways as well.
This is the main purpose of sports, especially commercial sports.   Don’t the athlete primarily live to show-off in front of crowds?   Don’t the spectators gain the primary pleasure from exalting themselves against another faction?

This is the other purpose of pornography as well, that is, those who use pornography.   Isn’t it to self-exalt by exalting oneself over many subservient images?  Isn’t it to pretend that the image-world is all that there exists,  and then “gain prestige” by having the entire world (seemingly) designed to serve  the user’s “fun” ?   (also, making the user more important than the entire world)       Isn’t it to “compete” with some pagan-idea  that more sexual experience = more prestigious ?    That pagan-idea exists through … perverse people’s speakings, and is implied in pornography (and in some regular movies as well).
Isn’t it to use the images of other people  to  accomplish some competition-strife?   And also, to elevate oneself as something similar to a god ?  (and the “world” that you control,  is the TV screen with a remote,  or the videogame world,   or  pornography.   Either way, you wield some type of great power over the images,  and seemingly,  they are all made to serve and flatter you and provide “fun”).

It’s all Satanical, this desire of self-exaltation through competition-strife.
Also, the desire to to be the center of attention, to be admired by many people, to be served by many people,  to be able to order many people around,    that’s also evil.

And most guys growing up with so much entertainment,  they are all defiled with that, so when they are looking for “girlfriends”, they are not looking to love other people, they really are looking to love themselves, and find something that serves the equivalent of TV, show-off in a stadium, and videogames,   in all of that, they are the main person always,  and all else don’t exist except to serve them or flatter them.
And it’s possible girls are becoming that way as well.
All this entertainment, and image-display  is making people have the very frequent action of loving themselves and exalting themselves,  but very ignorant about loving other people.

This is why the world is going to get worse and worse, regardless of what happens with international power politics (this nation, that nation, etc.)   This is because the population living within all the countries  are  getting worse and worse as persons,  because of image-displays, because of entertainments.

So that’s why relationships last no more than a few month – and sex does NOT hold it together, because it really exacerbates the pornography expectation of using the other person,  not at all as an equal-to-equal person, but as part of a background spectacle of image/sound  to serve and flatter the user … like using a welcome mat.   And you know that even with using a computer, when you get used to looking at the same background image after a while, you change the background image to something else.    So do guys do with their girlfriends, and even husband with their wives  – breaching marriage covenant (for other reason than fornication) = same as doing adultery = go to hell … unless they remarry the same person.

So, commercial sports, pornography, and the militaries of this world,  they are all evil in making people covet the ability to be at the center of attention  (whether a few people, or many people),  to exalt oneself in prestige over against other people.

But the main topic, is that the Kingdom of Heaven is the preaching and understanding and inner-practice of the  Word of God.    Christ abolished all association between holiness  and  physical violence.   So all of the Old Testament examples, the warfare,  are to be re-read as metaphors of warfare of ideas and self-warfare against the fleshly desires   (as in:  the children of Israel had warfare from generation to generation against the Amalekites.    I head from someone else that Amalek would be a metaphor for the fleshly desires.   And I would agree.)

The kingdom of heaven is to be done by preaching only, by the speaking of the truth,  as much as in New Testament times, the Christians did not have an army of this world, nor did they bother with weapons of this world.

Rather, we are to memorize the Bible, and depend on God.
We are also told countless times in the Bible to disregard the things of this world, to have no part in it.   So that includes any strife and competition of this world (especially among power factions), we are not to partake in it.

And it’s also wrong to expect to establish any kingdom or government in this world.
Instead, the Church needs to remain spiritual-only, focusing itself on teaching people how to live life to be pleasing unto God.  It must not desire a kingdom in this world, or control of governments in this world.   That is inevitably defiling,  it inevitably would involve deception, competition-strife, envy, covetousness, and definitely lack of Christian love (because people would be mutually jealous of who would get to gain power, and they would even sabotage one another, or at least loath one another, seeing that worldly fame is of limited supply.
And whoever controls a government on earth would inevitably be tempted to use it to self-exalt, and also to compete in wealth, in power, in prestige, with other governments.   Yeah, that’s actually the main activity of the most governments:  the officials self-exalting themselves, and using their government machineries to compete in wealth/power/prestige  against other governments,  but also among the officials themselves.

All that is very defiling.
All that is a lifestyle of doing things to be seen by men.
It is not possible to have a lifestyle of doing things to be seen by men, and still be qualified for heaven.

But all their works they do to be seen by men…
Matthew 23:5

So for all those reasons, the Church should not expect to have a government(s) on earth.    Both the obtaining of that, and the use of that,  is defiling, and results in not being qualified for heaven.

Rather, the Church should stay a community (or communities) of Christians, and distribute wealth among Christians (without needing to depend on a worldly government), and have leadership that is independent of governments,  and  keep in mind that its objective is completely unrelated to any government:     to teach people to obey all that Christ commanded, and to make people’s inner-life godly and acceptable to God.

Christians are to teach all nations to live in Spirit and truth, to obey all the holiness that the Bible contains, to result in people’s inner-lives becoming holy and acceptable to God.


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