God (YHWH Yehovah/Allaha) is One, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit are components within Him. Jesus Christ is Alpha and Omega, Bible begins with Beth and end with Nun (good English Bibles are KJV and ESV). Get nearer to God by memorizing the entire Bible in your language, starting with new testament, and pray everyday. Read the works of Luther, Augustine, Manton

信仰耶稣,(勤劳的)记忆圣经(先记新约),思想不停的想圣经,洁手纯心,博爱,怜悯,正直,自卑,(时常)祷告,宣告圣经,教人遵行, 对于听的进的人:教导培养和改造基督徒:模仿,接近,一直达到成为跟耶稣和圣灵一样(一样的心,一样的思想,一样的灵魂)。Pray daily that God crucifies your flesh and makes the Holy Spirit stronger than your flesh. And with memorizing the Bible, and prayer, become more and more like Christ in your inner person.

Yeshua/Yesua/Yoshua is His name

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Yeshua/Yesua/Yoshua is His name.

Also, old English is pronounced differently in the letter “J”.
It’s not pronounced “j”, but “ye”, like in German.

All the Bible names in English have been taken from the King James version.   Later editions of the Bible modified other words, but none of them modified the name-spellings.   So all the name-spellings (people-names, place-names) from the Bible in English are from King James version, from the 1600s.

Thus, all the occurrences of “J” are correctly pronounced as “Y”.

Thus, not Jacob, Jonathan, Benjamin, Jehoshaphat, Johanan, Elijah, Job, Jehuda, Judah, Jeremiah, Jerusalem, Joshua, Jeshua, Jesus,

but, Yacob, Yonathan, Benyamin, Yehoshaphat, Yohanan, Eliyah, Yob, Yehuda, Yudah, Yeremiah, Yerusalem, Yoshua, Yeshua, Yesus (Ἰησοῦς)

Why it is important to write Jesus’ name as he would have said it?
Either Yeshua/Yesua, or Yoshua.

This is because otherwise, the Bible’s continuity would be affected.

Now after the death of Moses the servant of the LORD it came to pass, that the LORD spoke to Yoshua ben Nun (Yoshua son of Nun), Moses’ minister, saying:
“Moses my servant is dead, now therefore arise, go over this Yordan, thou, and all the people, unto the land which I do give to them, to the children of Israel.”
Yoshua 1:1-2

And it came to pass, when Yoshua was by Yericho, that he lift up his eyes and looked, and behold, there stood a man over against him with his sword drawn in his hand, and Yoshua went unto him and said unto him, “Thou for us, or for our adversaries?”
And he said: “Nay, but the captain of the armies of the LORD am I now come.”  And Yoshua fell on his face to the earth, and did worship, and said unto him: “What says my lord unto his servant?”
And the captain of the LORD’s armies said unto Yoshua: “Loosen thy shoe from off thy foot, for the place whereon thou stand is holy.”  And Yoshua did so.
Yoshua 5:13-15

(and that was the earthly Yoshua meeting the heavenly Yoshua, son of God)

And [God] showed me Yoshua the high priest standing before the angel of the LORD, and Satan standing at his right hand to resist him. And the LORD said to Satan: “The LORD rebuke thee, O Satan, even the LORD who has chosen Yerusalem rebuke thee: is not this a branch plucked out of the fire?”
Now Yoshua was clothed with filthy garments, and stood before the angel.  And he answered and spoke unto those that stood before him, saying: “Take away the filthy garments from him.”  And unto him he said, “Behold, I have caused thine iniquity to pass from thee, and I will clothe thee with change of raiment.”   And I said “Let them set a fair mitre upon his head.”  So they set a fair mitre upon his head, and clothed him with garments.  And the angel of the LORD stood by.   And the angel of the LORD protested unto Yoshua, saying: “Thus said the LORD of armies, If thou will walk in my ways, and if you will keep my charge, then you shall also judge my house, and shall also keep my courts, and I will give thee places to walk among these that stand by.”
“Hear now, O Yoshua the high priest, thou and thy fellows that sit before thee, for they are men wondered at, for behold, I will bring forth my servant the BRANCH.  For behold the stone that I have laid before Joshua, upon one stone shall be seven eyes, behold, I will engrave the graving thereof, says the LORD of armies, and I will remove the iniquity of that land in one day.”    “In that day,” says the LORD of armies, shall you call every man his neighbor, under the vine and under the fig tree.
Zechariah 3:1-10
Then rose up Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel, and Yeshua son of Yozadak, and began to build the house of God which is at Yerusalem, and with them were the prophets helping.
Ezra 5:2

(Yozadak, or Yehu-zadak.  God-Righteousness)

And they found written in the law which the LORD had commanded Moses, that the children of Israel should dwell in [tabernacles] in the feast of the seventh month, and that they should publish and proclaim in all their cities, and in Yerusalem, saying: “Go forth unto the mount, and fetch olive branches, and pine branches, and myrtle branches, and palm branches, and branches of thick tree, to make [tabernacles], as it is written.”
So the people went forth and brought [branches], and make themselves [tabernacles], every one upon the roof of his house, and in their courts, and in the courts of the house of God, and in the street of the water gate, and in the street of the gate of Ephraim.   And all the congregation of them that were come again out of the captivity made [tabernacle] and sat under the [tabernacle], for since the days of Yeshua the son of Nun unto that day had not the children of Israel done so.   There was very great gladness.
Nehemiah 8:14-17
(this verse, in the Old Testament, allows Yoshua to be pronounced Yeshua)

And the name of the Christ, as He would have said it, is Yeshua, Yesua, or Yoshua.

Because, Moses never entered into the promised land.
It took Yoshua to come after Moses to lead the people into it.

This is meant to show that the Old Testament had to be fulfilled by the New Testament, by the leadership of Yeshua.

Also, the entire Zechariah 3, with the high priests,  is obviously meant to speak about the Son of God as high priest.     This is much spoken about in Hebrews 7:24 – 10:25

Thus, Yeshua is the name of the Christ.
Jesus could be used, but the Bible has continuity with Yeshua, it makes it much easier to understand.    So the name is meant to be written as Yeshua, in parallel with Yoshua, the man who led the people into the Promised Land.   Yoshua son of Nun led the people of God into a land on earth, a metaphor of things to come.    Yeshua son of God led the people of God into paradise, the actual promised land, in heaven.


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