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信仰耶稣,(勤劳的)记忆圣经(先记新约),思想不停的想圣经,洁手纯心,博爱,怜悯,正直,自卑,(时常)祷告,宣告圣经,教人遵行, 对于听的进的人:教导培养和改造基督徒:模仿,接近,一直达到成为跟耶稣和圣灵一样(一样的心,一样的思想,一样的灵魂)。Pray daily that God crucifies your flesh and makes the Holy Spirit stronger than your flesh. And with memorizing the Bible, and prayer, become more and more like Christ in your inner person.

I was raped again this morning/last night

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I was raped again this morning/last night.
My zipper was unzipped when I woke in the middle of the night, and my private part hurt.

Vengeance belongs unto our LORD and God.

Testimony, again:
I was born in 1983 in Wuhan, China.   That is, I was born in Armed Man, China.   I am male, and Christian faith is my armament and the LORD God is my shield and high tower, who will defeat my enemies.   In 1993 I moved to Canada.  In 1998 I moved to the United States.  I first read the Bible in 1999, baptized Christian in February 2003.
Between 2001 and 2005 I was in college.
I was working retail in 2006.
Between 2007 and 2010 I have been tortured by the godless regime of the United States, first under the Bush administration, then the Barack Hussein administration.

I was 23 when this started, now I am 26.

I am dual citizen of China and Canada.   I have Constitutional rights to go to court against my enemies, that is, my false accusers, by the First, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Tenth, Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments,  all of those are the highest ordinances of the land, above anything that the regime would like or wish, and above anything passed by Congress (other than another Constitutional Amendment).

There has been no Constitutional Amendment since a long time, so all of those are valid just as since the beginning.

I have Constitutional rights to not be raped, not be filmed, not be sold for money, not be forcibly enslaved as a projector of godless propaganda at night and advertising shoved into my eyes/ears during the day.   I have Constitutional rights to not be falsely accused, and if so then have a lawyer to challenge such a person in court (that is, the entire regime as far as spying is concerned).

I have Constitutional rights to not have spying devices installed inside my body by the Third Amendment, which forbids government spying inside a person’s home.   My body is my person’s first home, then anything made of bricks.   Thus the government (and any servant of the government) is not to spy inside my home nor inside my body.

I also have Constitutional rights to not be raped, by the Fourth Amendment, for similar reasons.   And there is such thing as a “warrant of rape”.

I have been owner of my car since 2005 or 2006.   That also cannot be searched and seized by the government without my permission.
(Note: “government” includes anything that is hired by the government, including private organizations/individuals.   Because there were non-government mercenaries who were private individuals contracted by the government in 1776, and Third Amendment only specifies “soldier”, and do not specify their origin, whether direct government employee, or contracted mercenary.    Thus “government” includes anything working on request of the government, whether private individuals or private organization)

May the LORD’s face be set against this wicked regime until I go to court against them,  for torturing me and enslaving me in my personal life without cause.

Note: “suspicion” is not a cause.   For that is an excuse that can be applied to all for no reason.   This is why people cannot be held guilty unless there is evidence provided.

May God bless all with spiritual wisdom of Christ and salvation, that all love to do good, and none love to do evil.   In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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May 27, 2010 at 6:20 pm

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